Let's Play, Sing AND Learn!

Grab your friends and check out these fun (and educational) games.

From word searches to flashcards, playing cards and sing-alongs, The Smart Company Kids teach kids about investing in the stock market through fun and play.

Company Names Word Scramble

Download this fun company name word scramble for your students or with your kids at home! Just click the download link below to get all 3 word scrambles plus the answer key!

30 Derby Word Search

Who can find all of the stocks first?

Download this free word search and challenge your friends to see who can find all of the hidden stock names. Who will be the one to find them all first?

30 Derby Flash Cards

Incredible 30 Derby Challenge

Can you guess which stock each card represents by looking at the character and reading the clues? Learn facts about each stock while having fun with this smart flash card game!

30 Derby Flash Cards

30 Derby Herby Card Game

Can you find all the matches? Grab a few friends and play this Old Maid style card game while learning the names of 30 stocks.

Sing, Learn and Have FUN!

What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Sing along with The Smart Company Kids as we learn about investing in the stock market before we grow up.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

by The Smart Company Kids

We Are The Stock Market Kings and Queens

by The Smart Company Kids

*It is the intention of Smart Company Kids to teach people of all ages about interesting companies while having fun!